Unlock your future with Kalmar Key.

Kalmar Key addresses cargo handling industry’s automation system development constraints by opening the Kalmar One automation system’s interfaces to extend the capabilities of the system. This will enable terminal operators to customise their automation deployments and allow third-party developers to provide their own offerings that are interoperable with the automation system.

The advantage of using Kalmar Key


Kalmar Key provides a set of open application interfaces that will allow you to build a complete end-to-end automation solution that is exactly right for your business by using Kalmar One as a common central Automation System. With Kalmar Key, you will be able to choose who you work with and adopt an agile way to further develop the capabilities of your equipment and software, possibly with third-party developers.


With an equipment-agnostic approach, Kalmar Key enables a vast range of new applications and equipment to be connected with the total automation solution. Additionally, open interfaces enable a holistic view of data from multiple sources, allowing you to optimise your operations continually and with ease.



Equipment agnostic.


An integrated terminal automation system with open interfaces allows you to integrate any new application and brand of equipment into your automation solution with greater ease. You no longer need to have separate systems but you can design an automation solution that can manage all your equipment.

Build the system you need.


As Kalmar Key provides open application interfaces you no longer need to develop closed systems with individual suppliers. This means you can develop an automation system in an agile way, customise and augment the solution with the required functionality and have a broader range of capabilities available to develop your system.

Build your own business ecosystem.


Kalmar Key’s open application interfaces allow you to choose your development partners. Technology- and solution development partners can integrate their products into the automation platform to extend the capabilities of the original application. This facilitates a joint ecosystem for continuous business development.

Holistic view.


By building an automation solution with Kalmar Key you will be able to have a holistic view of your operations with data from multiple sources being aggregated into a single interface. This will enable you to make faster, more informed decisions that will have a positive impact on your operations.

In addition to the on-line views you can also get access to the historical data allowing you to both store past data as well as retrieve it e.g for reporting purposes. Data visualisation is handled by the same single Kalmar One Automation System interface.