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Eco-efficiency is no longer an optional extra. To help your business survive and thrive on its eco-efficiency journey, we can help with a step-by-step approach to reducing your carbon footprint – with zero emissions as the ultimate goal.

Every month we’ll share a new chapter in our story, showing you how we can support you on your own eco-efficiency journey. 

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Towards eco-efficient cargo-handling operations

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Chapter 3: What will need to change?
What changes when you switch from a diesel to an electric reachstacker? Peter Olsson, Director, Business Development, Counterbalanced Container Handlers, answers this frequently asked question and explains the main changes in infrastructure, driving experience and environmental impact.
Chapter 2: Are you ready to be electrified?
Kalmar is finalising its decades-long electrification odyssey this year. Hear more about the journey from Alf-Gunnar Karlgren, Vice President, Counterbalanced Container Handlers!
Chapter 1: Breaking the laws of gravity.
Safety, sustainability and productivity used to be mutually contradictive goals. Today, this is no longer true. Let Stefan Lampa, President, Kalmar Mobile Solutions, explain the background of this change!
Welcome to the Green Chair!
To help your business survive and thrive on its eco-efficiency journey, we’re launching the Kalmar Green Chair initiative. Enjoy the first sneak peek!