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Centro de Tecnologia e Competência de Tampere, Finlândia

Contratos de serviço Kalmar Care

Os projetos de serviço Kalmar Crane maximizam a produtividade no lado do porto

Reachstacker Kalmar Gloria - o ponto de referência da produtividade

Lançamento dos hybrid shuttle carrier da Kalmar, outubro de 2013

A visão da Kalmar da Port 2060

Lançamento da reachstacker Kalmar Gloria, junho de 2013

O Kalmar SmartPort aumenta a eficiência do porto livre de Malta

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Optimising systems, not projects

To successfully manage complex projects, we must learn to understand and model the complex interactions between the systems that influence our activities, and that we affect in return. Systems dynamics and systems intelligence offer methodologies and conceptual frameworks that can help us do exactly this.

Carrying terminals towards a more eco-efficient future with hybrid straddles

Fifty years on from its introduction, the Kalmar straddle carrier is now a textbook example of what can be achieved with hybrid drivelines. Almost 300 hybrid versions have been ordered and delivered to date, including 43 to DP World Antwerp Gateway, and they are hard at work helping customers around the world to cut fuel costs, CO2 emissions and noise. 

OneTerminal powers Australia's largest logistics development at Moorebank Logistics Park

Kalmar and Navis are helping logistics services provider Qube build a fully automated intermodal terminal that dramatically boosts logistics efficiency for major retailers and improves the eco-efficiency of cargo transport for the State of New South Wales. 

Operating projects like the pilot of a jet fighter

Our basic concept of how to run projects must be taken to a new level. By utilising proven systems thinking methodologies and combining them with situational awareness from AI, we can move from a reactive mode to anticipating what will happen next.


Eco-driving joy at Van Berkel Logistics

Every organisation undertakes a different journey towards sustainability. Kalmar Eco reachstackers are helping Van Berkel Logistics reach that goal by improving the operator experience and thereby boosting overall operational efficiency and paving the way to a more sustainable future.

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