Kalmar emulation tools

Test, optimise and train for optimal performance

Kalmar emulation tools make it possible to test and optimise the actual integrated software components that are needed in running a terminal, regardless of the automation level deployed at the terminal. Kalmar One Scenario Modeller provides an easy way to create, manage, and run scenarios in a standalone Kalmar One environment, or as part of an integrated TOS environment that uses simulated equipment. The emulation environment can also be used for training purposes.

The state-of-the-art tools and intuitive user interface makes setting up, managing and running emulation scenarios effortless. Users without IT-background can easily set up and run predefined emulation scenarios, which makes harnessing emulation benefits for operational and training needs easier than ever before.


Key benefits

  • Test the whole operative software stack and configurations with virtual equipment
  • Experiment and finetune parameters for different operational scenarios with virtual equipment  in truly repeatable circumstances
  • Create realistic operational training without moving physical boxes or equipment
  • Save working time significantly in software deployments with automated deployment (during for example software version upgrades)