Eco efficiency at Kalmar

We support our customers’ eco-efficiency goals by providing solutions that help them reduce fuel consumption and emissions, optimise cargo flows and cut overall operational costs. Eco-efficiency is the future of cargo and material handling, with new and more advanced technologies helping us to do more with less.

For machines of all sizes, the future is electric and at Kalmar we are investing in this zero-emission future with a commitment to making our full equipment offering available as electrically powered by 2021.


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Eco efficiency begins with terminal planning and product development.

At Kalmar, eco-efficiency means systems efficiency: enabling continuous improvements with automation technologies and smart data gathering and analysis. 

It also means emissions efficiency: cutting atmospheric emissions with things like automation, the latest driveline technologies, and better operator training. 

Finally, it also means resource efficiency: taking a proactive approach to maintenance to keep equipment operating optimally, delivering smart upgrades that help customers move more with less, and focusing on optimising our own operations as well as those of our suppliers.

Kalmar: Together for an eco-efficient future

Kalmar challenges stakeholders to create a better future for everyone

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